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Update WordPress URL’s on Migration

By January 16, 2014October 19th, 2017Wordpress

I have been working on a number of projects recently where I was tasked with creating a developer environment, that will eventually become the main website.

One of the major issues I have had while migrating from a development site to a production site was that many of the posts/pages used hard coded URLs instead of static URLs. Now you could go through each individual posts and update the URLs, but that would be quite a tedious task. If you were an advanced user, you could just go into the database and run a script to easily change all the locations where a specific URL is found.

However there is an easy method that is readily available as a WordPress plugin: Velvet Blues Update URLs

After installing the plugin, go to Tools > Update URLs

This area is really self-explanatory. In the first input, place the URL you are looking to replace, and in the second input area, place what you want to replace it with! You are then able to select in which sections would you like the URL replacer to take place.